Note: This includes employees leaving their department or School of Dentistry for another job within the University

For employees

When you are leaving your current position, it is required that you give a written notice of resignation from your current role which includes your last day of work to your supervisor. 

Once you have given your notice, your School of Dentistry HR Representative will send you information and reminders on these items:

  • Notice of last paycheck for your time worked
  • Resources for benefits information and retirement accounts
  • Notification to turn in keys and all University property (includes intellectual property) by your last day of work; documents are to be stored on a share drive or box account prior to last day
  • Reminder to submit all time off prior to last day and that the last day worked must be a day work versus using vacation, sick or other accrued time.
  • Link to an exit survey and/or offer for 1:1 exit interview

Resources for your exit from the Office of Human Resources

For managers and supervisors

  • Security checklist - This checklist is designed for the employee and supervisor to review and initial as security access information and items are authorized, transferred and/or terminated. The information should be completed when an employee is 1) being hired into the School of Dentistry, 2) transferring departments within the University, or 3) terminating employment from the University. 
  • Departure/Termination Policies from the Office of Human Resources 
  • When an employee leaves your department complete Data/File Server Access Request (secure sign in), and select the “Remove This User” option at the top of the form. 
  • If an employee has access to an enterprise system such as PeopleSoft and has a change of employment status, the Change of Employment Status Form should be used to provide the notification to IT Data Security.
  • Offboarding Checklist