Performance Appraisal Tool

The Performance Appraisal Tool (PAT) is a secure on-line employee appraisal. PAT is designed to engage supervisors and staff in a meaningful two-way performance appraisal process.

This system is used year round for goal setting, goal meeting and updating and tracking of employee goals for the year. The system is available all year for those goals except during the annual review period. The annual review process is done from January through May for the previously worked year.

Annual appraisals are required under University policy. The PAT is approved for use with civil service, bargaining unit and P&A staff. Please check with your local HR representative or email for questions about the process and access.

How do I access PAT?

For supervisors and adminstrative access to your supervisee's goal setting and annual review:

Supervisor Log into PAT with your x.500.

For employee goal setting and annual review access

Employee Log into PAT with your x.500

  • The goal setting pages are online from about June/July until January each year.
  • Once the goal setting and the annual review are available, you will receive an email from PAT prompting you to login and start the process.
  • We encourage all employees to work on the goal setting process throughout the year and then the annual review is just a review of that year of goals.

How do I use PAT?





The School of Dentistry strongly encourages the use of Performance Appraisal Tool for Civil Service and Bargaining Unit positions. It may also be used with P&A positions. Those using the PAT system will not need to forward hard copies of the review to the Human Resources Office.

Contact: Contact our HR representative for questions on reviews.