Professional Development Resources

Professional Development Resources for Faculty and Staff (must be logged into your account to access)

LindedIn Learning, a library of online training videos, is available at no cost to current University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff systemwide on all campuses. It can help you learn technology, creative, and business skills from industry experts.

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Work From Home resources

Work From Home resources

The following LinkedIn Learning courses can help you adjust to working from home.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Productivity Pathway

Productivity Pathway
Want to learn more about how to get the most out of your day? In this pathway, you will find courses that address time management, to-do lists, ways to improve your focus, and of course, overcoming procrastination.

Productivity Pathway courses here.


Wellness Pathway

Wellness Pathway

Knowing how to take care of yourself is just as important as any other skill. In this pathway, you will find a unique set of courses related to affective well-being. They cover positivity, building resilience, mindfulness, and how to find the perfect work-life balance.

Wellness Pathway courses here.


Professional Development

Professional Development Pathway

This pathway is all about learning who you are, and how you can manage yourself in the working world. Courses will help you gauge where you are in your professional career, and offer advice on how to advance it. Topics include discovering your strengths, achieving goals, and learning from failure.

Professional Development courses here.


Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Pathway

Having trouble presenting to your co-workers? Does your mind blank in front of an audience? Having good presentation skills is essential to professional success. In this pathway, you will find courses that address overcoming fear, how to stay on point, and making persuasive pitches.

Presentation Skills courses here.


Google Apps

Google Apps Pathway

Google is no longer just a search engine. With its introduction of Google Drive, employees and students are now able to share Google docs, sheets, and slides through Gmail accounts. Similarly, meetings and events are now scheduled through Google Calendars. If you need a full introduction, or are just looking for some tips and tricks, both can be found within this pathway.

Google Apps courses here.


Microsoft Word and Excel

Microsoft Word and Excel Pathway

Microsoft Word and Excel are two of the most utilized software applications. Being well acquainted with both will allow you to accomplish more work without the help of others, Whether you’ve never used either, or are looking to become and expert, this pathway has courses for you.

Microsoft Word & Excel courses here.


Presentation Tools

Presentation Tools Pathway

Nothing is worse than hearing people snore through your presentation. Need some help creating effective slides? This pathway consists of courses covering Microsoft’s traditional PowerPoint application, but also newer presentation software such as Prezi and Keynote. Courses range from beginning essential training courses, to advanced tips and tricks.

Presentation Tools courses here.


Creative Tools

Creative Tools Pathway offers hundred of courses that cover all kinds of creative software for beginners and professionals alike. If you’re looking to get acquainted with Photoshop, Flickr, iMovie, Audacity, Adobe, and more, this is the pathway for you.

Creative Tools courses here.


Organizational Tools

Organizational Tools Pathway

Feeling a bit disorganized? Are you spacing important meetings, losing people’s documents? If so, there are a couple of applications you may want to make use of. Evernote, Outlook, and SharePoint are all organizational tools. They are sometimes even available as apps that you can download on your iPhone or Android. For more information, check out some of the courses in this pathway.

Organizational Tools courses here.


Analytical Tools

Analytics Tools Pathway

Analytical tools are important for certain roles within the workplace. Although some of these courses are challenging, and a little long, gaining a general knowledge of some software applications may be useful. If you are interested in Java, Google Analytics, Mathematica, SPSS, R, Python, and more, check out courses in this pathway.

Analytical Tools courses here.


Educational Tools

Educational Tools Pathway

This pathway is geared more towards faculty, than staff. It includes tutorial videos for applications such as Moodle, SMART board, and iBooks. Specifically, it has courses that focus on education such as PowerPoint for Teachers, Teaching with Technology, and Google Apps 2016 for Education.

Educational Tools courses here.



Communication Pathway

This pathway contains courses meant to improve your ability to communicate information and relate to others. While there is a communications foundations course which covers general tips, there are other courses tailored to specific topics including communicating across cultures, communicating in times of change, and communicating with empathy.

Communication courses here


Customer Service

Customer Service Pathway

Great customer service skills entail the ability to negotiate and influence others. These skills and more can be found in this specific pathway.

Customer Service courses here.


Team Player

Team Player Pathway

Collaboration is key in the workplace. Do you sometimes struggle connecting with others, delegating tasks, or providing necessary leadership? In this pathway, you will find courses aimed at improving your teamwork skills. While there is a teamwork foundations course, which gives general tips, you can find more specialized courses such as building trust and managing experts.

Team Player courses here



Diversity Pathway

Creating diverse staff, faculty, and student populations entails managing people of all ages, abilities, cultures, and nationalities. However, none of us are immune to bias. Within this pathway, you will find courses that reveal the power of diversity, and how to better incorporate it within the workplace.

Diversity courses here.

Project/Operational Skills

Project/Operational Skills

Finance and Budgeting

Finance and Budgeting Pathway

Whether you are looking to improve you accounting abilities for work, or simply want to develop some personal finance skills, you may find this pathway helpful. It includes topics ranging from bookkeeping, to income tax, and even managerial accounting.

Finance & Budgeting courses here.


Change Management

Change Management Pathway

Change isn’t always easy, and we are often resistant to it. If you find yourself struggling to manage yourself and peers through times of change, this playlist may be beneficial. There is a change management foundations course, as well as courses concerning building trust, strategic agility, and developing adaptable employees.

Change Management courses here.


Project Management

Project Management Pathway

Project Management is a broad topic. It involves many facets including innovation, leadership, communication, budgeting, and risk. Perhaps you have just been entrusted to lead a small project. Need some tips? Check out this comprehensive pathway covering all dimensions of project management.

Project Management courses here.

Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills

Conflict Management

Conflict Management Pathway

This pathway contains courses aimed at helping individuals navigate through conflict in the workplace. Some of the courses cover acting decisively and learning to be assertive, while others offer advice on initiating tough conversations, and collaborating with difficult people.

Conflict Management courses here.


Networking and Mentoring

Networking and Mentoring Pathway

70% of jobs and opportunities are found through networking. But, the process can be daunting if you’re not used to it. Do you think that you need to be reaching out to people more? Are you familiar with LinkedIn? This pathway includes courses that discuss personal branding, your professional image, connecting with executives, creating a LinkedIn, and most importantly, how to help others.

Networking & Mentoring courses here.



Management Pathway

A manager’s main objective is to maximize the quality and quantity of work from his/her employees. To do so, managers need to be competent in various areas including teamwork, goal setting, time management, and performance. They should be concerned with creating a healthy work environment, and the development of their future workforce. All of these topics and more can be found within this pathway.

Management courses here.



Leadership Pathway

Whether you’re a manager or an employee, you can be a leader. Looking to develop your leadership philosophy? Do you want to learn how to step up into a leadership role? There are a number of courses within this playlist that address risk-taking, decision-making strategies, building trust, and even the body language of leaders.

Leadership courses here.


Best Practices for Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers pathway

This playlist provides best practices for approaching the hiring process. Topics include interviewing, unconscious bias, and strategies for finding the best candidates.

Best Practices for Hiring Managers courses.

Harvard Implicit Association Test

Using Zoom for Interviews

PDF icon Implicit Bias Checklist

PDF icon Bias Interrupters